Diversity & Multi-Cultural Training

Diversity and Multi-Cultural training

Sachi Koto is a third generation Japanese, born and raised in Georgia.  In her speaking engagements throughout her 30-year career, Sachi has spoken out against hate and prejudice and has used the public forum to promote diversity. Koto believes diversity must be taught in the home and encourages parents and adults to take the initiative to introduce diversity awareness to young children.  Koto’s book –  Penelope Hates Stew  is a tool used in her Diversity and Multi-Cultural Workshops to further her mission of promoting a peace-loving, diversified, world.

Cultural Awareness Workshop

For those new to the American culture, Sachi Koto Communications provides workshops to educate clients on what is “politically correct” and how to interact positively with co-workers. These workshops are not strictly limited to newcomers, as they are designed for anyone wishing to increase their awareness of decorum. Proper business protocol and etiquette consist of more than just saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ Learn how to fit-in, stand-out and move up!

Japanese Cultural Workshop

Learn about the people and country of the Land of the Rising Sun!

The Japanese Culture Workshop entails discussions about Japanese behavior, customs, communication, superstitions, language, island mentality; seasonal influence; space factor, business culture, and much more.

—The Japanese being basically a homogeneous society are often misunderstood as very mysterious people while most definitely influenced by their island mentality and lack of space.

This workshop promotes awareness of not only the differences between Japan and the rest of the world but also the similarities of customs.

—Japan is an archipelago, or string of islands, on the eastern edge of Asia making up 4,000 smaller islands – just about the size of Montana. There is much more to Japan than just sushi, Mt. Fuji and kimonos.  In this workshop, participants will be introduced to a whole new level of learning about Japan and its people – and come away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Japanese and how they think and behave.