Leadership Workshops

Attaining professional success – with the essential business  skills!

From the highest-level executive to a recent college graduate – leadership training and professional development are absolutely necessary in achieving continuous success.  The proper image, voice, body language, business etiquette, leadership skills and cultural awareness are essential in getting what you want from your career and making a positive impact on colleagues and business associates.  Our workshops and individual coaching provide you with what it takes to succeed in the workplace!
Sachi Koto Talent Development
Career Development and Image Coaching/Workshop

Remember there are no second chances for a first impression.  The strongest impression comes from our outward appearance. This is a fast paced world and we are conditioned to make snap judgments and that also applies to “nailing” people with our first impressions. Your Personal and Professional Image workshop goes beyond determining the right shade of lipstick or power tie for your presentation. Your image is based on perceptions; how people see you and what they think of you. The workshop is designed to promote awareness of your appearance, voice and mannerisms by working with body language, voice and etiquette in both professional and personal settings. The workshop also takes the subject of image to a deeper level with discussions of how image impacts business deals, relationships, leadership and your reputation. —

Leadership Development & Enhancing Professional Skills Workshop

This workshop empowers Participants with leadership and professional and personal development training; a necessity for anyone interested in boosting their career and business skills. The 1-day Workshop includes an Individual Assessment for Leadership Development for the Candidates. (8 Candidates per location) Assessment of each participant’s behavioral styles, interests and/or optimal work environments are included to enhance the workshop experience.  Workshops will be lead by licensed Industrial Psychologist – Dr. Ken Jackson. Assessments include a separate 2-hour structured developmental feedback session with each individual Candidate. In this seminar, Participants learn to speak up and be heard.  Various tips and techniques will be discussed including assertiveness without being overly aggressive; modest yet confident; speaking up when necessary; brashness versus professionalism; vocal projection versus being loud; among other helpful professional and personal tools.

Through our unique “Dealing with the Media” workshop/coaching, we prepare our clients for that dreaded interview on camera or radio, by teaching what and what not to say!

Develop a commanding and memorable presence as seen through the camera lens without risk or stress, through on-camera role-plays and training conducted by experienced media specialists. Sachi Koto Communications differentiates itself by our decades of media experience and contacts and through partnerships with diverse, professional associates. Over 25-years of experience as a broadcast journalist promises a skillful and well-crafted message and delivery to your target audience. Partner with credible, influential, and seasoned media specialists as an indispensable means of reaching your audience. Learn from professional broadcasters what the media needs from a press release and wants to hear in an interview.  We work with our clients on a commanding and memorable image through the camera lens without risk or stress.

  • Learn how to get your ideas effectively aired by writing an eye-catching press release.
  • Camera ready appearance & on-camera training
  • Practice and train with media specialists
  • Learn how to handle reporters’ questions effectively
  • Dealing with crisis management
  • Role-plays on camera
  • Find out what makes news

Our associates’ experience in local television and radio news, CNN news and Japanese international news gives our clients a decisive edge in getting their products and services positively to the forefront of the media.

Diversity and Inclusion – Multi-Cultural training     

Picture2Sachi Koto is a third generation Japanese, born and raised in Georgia.  In her speaking engagements throughout her 30-year career, Sachi has spoken out against hate and prejudice and has used the public forum to promote diversity. Sachi believes diversity must be taught in the home and encourages parents and adults to take the initiative to introduce diversity awareness to young children.  Sachi’s book –  Penelope Hates Stew  is a tool used in her Diversity and Multi-Cultural Workshops to further her mission of promoting a peace-loving, diversely-rich, world.

Cultural Dynamics & Awareness Workshop for the newly Immigrated

For those new to the American culture, Sachi Koto Communications provides workshops to educate clients on what is “politically correct” and how to interact positively with co-workers. These workshops are not strictly limited to newcomers, as they are designed for anyone wishing to increase their awareness of decorum. Proper business protocol and etiquette consist of more than just saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ Learn how to fit-in, stand-out and move up! Attendees learn basic skills to make their initial period of time here in the US more pleasant while teaching them independence and confidence.  The sessions cover the basic process of getting a drivers license, securing a Social Security number, receiving benefits from community centers, dealing with the US currency, opening a bank account,  renting an apartment, reading basic contracts, etc.

Japanese Cultural Workshop (Asian Cultural Workshops are also available)

Learn about the people and country of the Land of the Rising Sun! The Japanese Culture Workshop entails discussions about Japanese behavior, customs, communication, superstitions, language, island mentality; seasonal influence; space factor, business culture, and much more.

—The Japanese being basically a homogeneous society are often misunderstood as very mysterious people while most definitely influenced by their island mentality and lack of space.

This workshop promotes awareness of not only the differences between Japan and the rest of the world but also the similarities of customs.

—Japan is an archipelago, or string of islands, on the eastern edge of Asia making up 4,000 smaller islands – just about the size of Montana. There is much more to Japan than just sushi, Mt. Fuji and kimonos.  In this workshop, participants will be introduced to a whole new level of learning about Japan and its people – and come away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Japanese and how they think and behave.

Voice and Talent Coaching

Designed for the presenter, businessperson or on-air talent.  Speaking with authority, distinction and professionalism by learning voice projection, voice control and intonation.  Standardizing speech through accent reduction (southern accent, Japanese and other Asian accents, etc.)

  • Work one-on-one with professional broadcasters for voice control and vocal variety
  • Learn how to enunciate and project your voice
  • Speak with confidence and authority
  • Learn breathing techniques for proper projection

Accent Reduction Coaching & Workshop

The Accent Reduction workshop is intended to empower those with English as a second-language by reducing heavy accents while focusing on clarity – ultimately promoting better communication. Individuals are often held back from advancing in careers or securing jobs because of poor communication skills and/or heavy accents. The accent reduction workshops are offered to those who are seeking to improve their clarity of speech. Accents can be softened with the goal of working toward a standard American pronunciation. The Workshop can also be tailored to participants who are trying to reduce a U.S. regional accent while focusing on a standard American accent. Grammar and correct word usage will also be a focus of the program. “I took accent reduction lessons from Sachi and her understanding of how native Japanese speakers talk helped me to adjust the way I was pronouncing some English words.  Her lessons gave me more confidence in my daily business activities.  I recommend her lessons to anyone who would like to achieve more confidence in an English business environment.”

                          Hiroko Arai, TV-Asahi -Producer

“Sachi, you have helped me tremendously in the development of finding “my voice” for anchoring. I feel much more confident since you’ve trained me on improving my voice and you have helped me work on developing a professional news delivery. You’ve taught me how to tell the story not just read it.”

  (Neda Darhoodi – Producer – CNN International


Personality, Behavior and Culture: A comparison of statistical norms for the U.S., China, Japan and South Korea Workshop

The workshop is intended to empower the Asian American community by learning more about their behavioral styles and interests in order to interact and work more efficiently and smoothly in professional and personal relationships. Assessments of each participant’s behavioral styles, interests and/or optimal work environments are included to enhance the workshop experience.  Workshops will be lead by licensed Industrial Psychologist Dr. Ken Jackson. The workshop also includes a separate  2-hour structured developmental feedback session for each Candidate. (8 Candidates per workshop) Some of us Asians have been sitting on our laurels having a pity party, believing that ‘ We can’t get ahead because we’re shy!’  Asians have been told that since we are not aggressive we can’t get promoted; can’t lead. What a laugh!  Try getting on a train in Tokyo during rush hour if you want to see aggression at its best! What about driving in Japan?  Foreigners are instructed to drive like a New York taxi driver or don’t expect to get anywhere! In this Personality, Behavior and Culture: A comparison of statistical norms for the U.S., China, Japan and South Korea workshop – the data goes against the norms of what we’ve been told about Asians. Facilitated by Industrial Psychologist,  Dr. Ken Jackson and moderated by Sachi Koto – this workshop will reveal substantive, reliable, psychological data that demonstrate how Asians REALLY behave – what lies deep within our  polite and shy looking veneer! You will leave the workshop with confidence realizing that you definitely have the behaviors and characteristics that are necessary in becoming good leaders and the knowledge of how to take this profound data and apply it in the workplace.

Business Etiquette – the overlooked essential business tool!

—If you were asked to dine with your CEO and his Wife in a very formal setting tonight – how would you do?  Would you still have a job tomorrow?  Don’t wing-it and leave things to chance or don’t try to ‘brush-up’ on the do’s and don’ts as you walk out the door! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to be prepared and aware of – seating protocol; ordering; what utensil to reach for; which glass is for what drink; which direction to pass the bread; among many other very important business etiquette pointers that may make or break your career. This workshop will discuss dining etiquette, office do’s and don’ts, office protocol, communicating professionally with colleagues, and proper attire, as well as many other circumstances for both business and formal settings, But what is etiquette?  It’s knowing what to do at the proper time. Business protocol:  Doing the right thing at the right time.  Doing the right thing with the right people – will win you the job, the new account or the new promotion. Business etiquette also serves as “table manners” at the office promoting civility, harmony, acceptance and respect Class is no longer something you are only born with!