Children’s Book Teaching Diversity


Sachi Koto’s children book teaches Diversity

Penelope Hates Stew is the story of a little bunny and her friends who teach her the importance of respecting others’ feelings. Children will easily become friends with other children – even from different backgrounds. In doing so, they experience diversity. Penelope learns how to better accept things she has not tried and to not use words like “Hate” that can be offensive.

This book is a creative tool where the principles of love and respect are taught. Penelope Hates Stew introduces the positive aspects of diversity to little ones as they grow and learn.

Sachi Koto is a third generation Japanese, born and raised in Georgia.  Following more than 16 years with CNN, Sachi Koto launched a public relations and communications firm, Sachi Koto Communications, Inc. In her speaking engagements throughout her career, Sachi has spoken out against hate and prejudice and has used the public forum to promote diversity. She encourages parents and adults to take the initiative to use Penelope Hates Stew as a means to introduce diversity awareness to young children.

Penelope Hates Stew is a tool Sachi hopes to use, to further her mission of promoting a peace-loving, diversified, world.

Eiko Koto Magner is the creative artist that took a simple manuscript and breathed life and spirit into the characters of Penelope Hates Stew.  And more importantly, she is Sachi Koto’s mother.  Eiko is the recipient of numerous awards and currently exhibits her illustrations in her Leesburg, Florida studio.

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Penelope Hates Stew – a Children’s Book that Teaches about Diversity