The WWAAC Awards

The WWAAC Alliance Foundation


Sachi Koto and Maiko Takara Natori co-founded the WWAAC Alliance Foundation in 2006. The WWAAC Alliance Foundation is a non-profit 501 (C) 3 organization – created to advance and benefit (better) the lives of Asian American Pacific Islanders; to educate the public and bring about awareness, understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds of Asian Americans; to serve as a platform and source by recognizing, highlighting and honoring Asian Americans who have contributed greatly to various sectors of society; and to create, promote, and disseminate compelling and impactful information about the needs and concerns of the Asian community through events such as conferences, seminars, panel discussions, television programming, symposiums, and other charitable events.

The 9th Annual WWAAC Awards and 2014 WWAAC Conference
Saturday, September 27th
Rialto Center in Atlanta

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The WWAAC Awards are dedicated to honoring successful Asians who serve as leaders and role models in their respective communities.  The purpose of the WWAAC Awards is to recognize the accomplishments of these leaders, publicize their achievements, and promote the Asian American community into mainstream America.

The Who’s Who in Asian American Communities Awards – believes that recognition for Asian Americans is long overdue – considering the extensive history that they have had throughout the entire 50-states for more than 150 years. A number of contributions and achievements that Asian Americans have made in this country are featured in this mini-documentary of how Asians came to the shores of America.